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SpineCor Dynamic
Corrective Brace


SpineCor Dynamic Corrective Brace is indicated to treat Adolescent Idiopatic Scoliosis with curves of Cobb angle between 20° and 50°, Risser 0 to 3 or pre-menarche.

The treatment objectives of this brace are correction and stabilisation of curve progression. Whilst it is rarely possible to completely reverse a child's scoliosis, this brace is able to deliver therapeutic success (improvement/stabilisation of curve) in 89% of the cases.



SpineCor Pain Relief
Back Brace


SpineCor Pain Relief Back Brace is indicated to treat back pain caused by adult scoliosis, postural imbalance or other spinal deformities.

Whilst curve correction in adult is not impossible, the primary objective of this brace is pain relief through postural improvement with secondary objective being postural rehabilitation.

Clinical study showed that 90% of patients reported reduction of pain of up to 70% within six weeks of use.


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