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For Practitioners

Out-Patient Referrals

1.   Write a prescription and give it to your patient. If you use our prescription pad, it has a location map of our centre on the reverse side for your patient's convenience.

2.   You can also call or fax in the prescription to our centre. If you provide us with the phone number of your patient, we can contact him/her directly to schedule an appointment.

3.   For a prescription order to be complete, we would require the following information:

      a.   Patient's name
      b.   Patient's phone number
      c.   DOB
      d.   Referring doctor
      e.   Diagnosis
      f.    Device requested


In-Patient Referrals

1.   You may call or fax in the prescription to our centre. The following information is required:

      a.   Patient's name
      b.   Hospital / Ward / Bed
      c.   DOB
      d.   Contact Person
      e.   Contact phone number      
      f.    Referring doctor
      g.   Diagnosis
      h.   Device requested


Order Prescription Pad

1.   If you require our orthopaedic prescription pad (see below), please provide the following information and we will have it mail it to you:

      a.   Requester's name
      b.   Organisation
      c.   Mailing address
      d.   Email address
      e.   Phone number

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